Vanessa Winship

Vanessa Winship (1960) is a British Photographer.

From 1984-7studied Film, Video and Photography at the Polytechnic of Central London.

Starting her career as a photojournalist covering conflicts and social issues in the Balkans, Turkey, and Georgia. Her work often explores the relationship between people, land, and history, with a particular focus on Marginalized communities.

Author and subject of several monographs: Schwarzes Meer (Mareverlag GmbH 2007), Sweet Nothings (Foto8/Images En Manœuvres 2008), she dances on Jackson (MACK/HCB 2013), Vanessa Winship (Fundación MAPFRE 2014), And Time Folds (MACK/Barbican 2018) Sète#19 (Le Bec en L’air / Images Singulieres 2019) and a box set, Seeing the Light of Day (B-Sides Box Sets-EDITIONS EDITIONS, 2020) and Snow (Deadbeat Club 2022).

Her work received a number of awards, including two World Press Photo prizes, 1998 and 2008 respectively, Sony World Photographer of the Year, 2008 and the Henri Cartier Bresson foundation Award 2011.

Exhibiting at a number of festivals and institutions, nationally and internationally.

Her work is held in several collections including the National Portrait Gallery, London, The Do Good Fund, Public Collection of Contemporary Photography from the American South, USA.

The Sir Elton John collection, UK, Fundacion Mapfre, Spain, Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation, France, and most recently, Tate Britain, UK.

She is the recipient of an Honorary Fellowship at the Royal Photographic Society and One Hundred Heroines.

With George Georgiou she leads photography workshops and separately as guest speaker, tutor, reviewer, mentor and latterly, curator at International Photo meetings, Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Oxford Photo festival, UK.

More recently she has been invited as resident artist, in the regions of Calgari (with Georgiou) Sète, and Cumbria, 2014, 2018 and 2020 respectively.

She is a member of Agence Vu in Paris.

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